Why Open Health Care

We provide digital services to the NHS

Clinical-need centered design

Our strong focus on the user needs of the clinical end user, along with our insistence on deep clinical engagement at every stage ensures you get products that are a joy to use.


We believe that no two clinical services are the same, and that the digital services that support them need to reflect that. We provide complete customisation services for all of our products to create bespoke versions suited to your situation.

Supporting your services

We're in it for the long haul. We want to build long-term partnerships with organisations looking to build the best possible digital environment for healthcare in the 21st century. With support services ranging from high level strategy to individual user assistance, we've got your back.

Understanding the NHS

We know how organisations within the NHS function. We understand Interoperability, Information Governance, Clinical Safety and how to make sure that our services work perfectly with the rest of your infrastructure, and how to comply with all of your security policies.

Open All The Things

All of our work is Open Source, Open Governance. Vendor neutrality is baked in to the licenses we provide at a fundamental level. Our customers are always free to customise and re-use the work with other partners.

OPAL is an example of NHS IT done right. It's easy to use and offers so much more than the system it replaces.

Dr Michael Marks Hospital For Tropical Diseases
University College Hospital

Open Source Services

Designed for the NHS and highly usable, our range of Open Source Digital Services are available now to your organisation. From ward management to research data capture, we can customise, install and support them bespoke to your needs.

Bespoke Development

Web based information services that show off your domain expertise. Transactional services that delight their users. Customisation of your existing services. Our top class design and development teams can help you with all this and more.


It's not easy to get digital right. We understand the challenges, and we're here to help you make the right choices as you deliver the best possible services. We can provide you with advice and research from people who believe that we can do better.

Some of our work


OPAL is a framework for building clinical facing transactional digital services for healthcare organizations.

Featuring rich data capture and audit functionality, management of consultations in an MDT setting, along with clinically validated pathways and interfaces.

OPAL has been deployed in a variety of settings within the NHS both for day to day clinical processes, such as at UCLH, and also to support data capture for large scale research studies.

Prescribing Analytics

Once a month the NHS Information Centre publishes an 11 million row .csv file containing every single GP prescription made that month.

In collaboration with Mastodon C and  Ben Goldacre   we made Prescribing Analytics to showcase our research into unwarranted prescribing variation in Statins.

Visualisations of variation at CCG and PCT level showcase the value of Open Data and analytics for GP prescribing, in identifying nudges to prescribing habits that could save the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds each year.