The Team


Carl is a digital health expert and an academic occupational lung disease doctor at Imperial College London.

He has previously worked in an advisory capacity for Sir Liam Donaldson at the National Patient Safety Agency and for the Medical and Education Training Programme at the Department of Health as part of the NHS Medical Director’s Clinical Fellows Scheme.

He trained at UCL Medical School and went to King’s to intercalate a Philosophy degree. In addition to this he has an MSc in Health Informatics from UCL and is a member of the Royal College of Physicians.


Ross is a software engineer who has been involved in the software industry for close to 20 years, with a focus on scalability, performance and programming languages.

Working on such disparate products as Digital Signage, Natural Language Processing, Expert Systems and International Shipping products he has a wide knowledge in several areas of technology.

Ross is also a co-founder of the Liverpool Hackspace (DoesLiverpool), a co-founder of and a frequent contributor to the Open Knowledge Foundation.


David was born at a very young age. Sometime after that he studied Philosophy, before deciding not to worry so much about the meaning of life.

Unrelated to this, he later became a software engineer, where serendipitously enough, it turned out that having strong opinions about truthiness, and the logical consistency of concepts could actually be of practical use.


Peter is a programmer and writes his software from a shed in at the bottom of his garden in Hertfordshire. He likes writing software that makes people’s lives easier. When not sitting in front of a screen, he might be found up a mountain, in a concert hall, or at a cricket ground.


Ayesha has a background in languages, Arabic and Japanese, but eventually realised that the attraction was in the design of the scripts. She covers all ranges of graphics online and offline, and gets excited about 3D and visual effects for film.

She spend a lot of free time being told to stand up straight in flamenco classes and believes everyone should do yoga so we can still stand on our heads when we get old and absorb a chilled out view of the world… except when playing Wipeout on the Playstation.


Andy arrived in web development having studied engineering, machine learning, medical science, and taken more than a passing interest in social insects.

He’s enthusiastic about free and open source software, and using tech to help solve day-to-day problems. He runs a Code Club at his local primary school, and does a lot of running about with GoodGym.

Our Board


Ben Goldacre is a doctor, academic, campaigner and writer whose work focuses on uses and misuses of science and statistics by journalists, politicians, drug companies and alternative therapists.

His first book Bad Science reached #1 in the UK non-fiction charts and has sold over half a million copies worldwide. His second book Bad Pharma discusses problems in medicine, focusing on missing trials, badly designed research, and biased dissemination of evidence.

He wrote the Bad Science column for a decade in the UK Guardian newspaper, and has written for the Times, the Telegraph, the Mail, the New York Times, the BMJ, and more, alongside presenting documentaries for the BBC.


Rufus Pollock is an economist and co-founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation.

He is a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, an Associate of the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the University of Cambridge and a Director of the Open Knowledge Foundation which he co-founded in 2004.

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