It’s time for NHS Hack Day 10

NHS Hack Days are weekend events that bring together “geeks who love the NHS” to have fun, build community, and work on digital projects that promote health.

NHS Hack Day began in 2012 when Carl (a doctor) complained to his friend Tom (a developer) that things were really very broken in NHS IT. Tom who’d recently had a good experience at a Cabinet Office GDS Hack Day said the NHS should have a hack day. So we did.

The format is that we begin on a saturday morning with people pitching real-world problems they’ve encountered in the NHS or in health care generally. Anyone can pitch. We end on Sunday afternoon with a competition for the best solutions made over the weekend. In between people pick projects to work on, work on them, and have lunch (provided).

Previous NHS Hack Days have looked something like this:

Do check out some of the projects that have come fom the event and read our summary of the previous NHS Hack Day

Why should I come to NHS Hack Day?

You’ll meet bright people from different disciplines you wouldn’t usually meet You’ll play a part in making NHS IT less bad You’ll have fun

We especially want people who aren’t sure if this is for them to come, a lot of the value of the event comes from the diversity of the participants, we need you! Imposters are welcome

How do I get involved?

Talk to us.

Something you think we could help with?
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