elCID OPAT launched at UCLH

Last week saw us excited to launch our new OPAT (Outpatients Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy) service delivered via the elCID platform at UCLH.

This is the first deployment of the specialist OPAT module for OPAL - our Open Source framework for building transactional digital services. It covers the whole range of an OPAT service - from initial referrals and assessment, through ongoing care, post-treatment follow up and review. All of the workflows capture high quality data at the time of use, and allow analysis and extraction, both for reporting in line with national guidelines, and individual service audits.

As ever, we worked closely with clinical champions, who were deeply involved in the agile development process, weighing in on GitHub, attending sprint meetings, and providing their expertise to our development team. The whole project is released under an Open Source (GPL) license, and was developed in the open.

This was a project we loved delivering, and not just because of the high praise from Dr Jon Lambourne, UCLH’s clinical lead on the project, who said:

The Open Health Care team have been super, the things they can get the OPAL software to do regularly leaves me slack-jawed!

While we like to think that we’re pretty good at executing on the technology side of things, it’s really the collaboration between us and the clinical users, along with our focus on their needs that makes it possible for us to deliver new user-focussed digital services into the world.

Accordingly, we’d particularly like to thank Dr Sarah Logan (Our consultant sponsor), Steve Collins (OPAT Nurse extraordinaire), and Dr Jon Lambourne (Clinical lead on the project) for all their efforts.

If you’re interested in seeing an OPAL project at your institution, or in seing how we can can support running clinical OPAT services, don’t hesitate to Get in touch!

Photo Credits: Lydia

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