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UK Health Camp - it’s happening.

Some great things have happened to digital in the NHS over the last few years - and we’re excited to have played a part in it. We’ve seen a wonderful community blossom around NHS Hack Day - catalysed by their desire to make NHS IT less bad. We’ve seen high quality, user needs focussed, open source clinical facing digital services launch in an increasing number of NHS trusts. We’ve seen open data used to demonstrate huge potential cost savings to the NHS - helping to reinforce the commitment to transparency and openness throughout the system.

And those are just the pieces that we’ve been involved with - there are so many more happening all through the NHS.

One of the great strengths of the NHS is its decentralization - although it’s a public sector institution, much decision making is devolved to a local level - which means that you see pockets of innovation springing up all around the country as its remarkable staff strive to deliver better services to patients. The downside of decentralization is that sometimes those innovations and best practices don’t spread as quickly as we’d like - which is how we end up with variation in services.

We believe that local excellence is not good enough - we need scalable excellence if we’re to deliver digital services in health care that are fit for purpose in the twenty first century.

Which is why we’ve been working with a super team of friends from across the health system to create a space to help connect people doing great work in this space with people who understand that we need to do better, faster, wider. A space to connect, share ideas and make things happen.

That space is UK Health Camp.

UK Health Camp is a free unconference for everyone interested in digital, design, technology and data for health and care. It’s happening in London on the 28th November, and it’s going to be the most exciting conversation around for people who want to understand how we can deliver better services to patients by using better digital, better data and better design.

We haven’t released tickets just yet, but we expect them to go fast when we do release them - so sign up to the mailing list to get notified when they do become available.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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